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Connect: Build Partnerships

We will achieve individual and institutional excellence — and drive success in our three results areas (economic opportunity, health and well-being, educational access and excellence) — through an engagement model that innovates partnerships within and beyond campus and traditional extension contacts. We must learn to leverage public and private expertise and resources to enhance the research-based knowledge we deliver and impact local and statewide outcomes.


  • Information and resources to identify and cultivate partnerships with internal and external groups that share our goals and objectives in order to address and meet shared objectives.
  • County and regional extension council members serve as the interface between MU Extension and elected representatives in local and state government. Council members have many opportunities to be key communicators and advocates for the valuable programs and work that extension does in communities across the state.
  • Options for investing in Missouri’s future.
  • Searchable inventory of MU programs, activities and educational opportunities that bring valuable knowledge and resources directly to people and communities of Missouri.
  • MAA proudly supports the best interests and traditions of Missouri's flagship university and its alumni worldwide.
  • Working alongside the MU Extension & Engagement staff, Mizzou’s Department of Intercollegiate Athletics aims to have an Athletic County Ambassador embedded in each of Missouri’s counties so they can positively promote Mizzou Athletics and the University of Missouri within that community.