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DEI in the Workplace

  • Date: June 28, 2021 - Aug. 20, 2021
  • Format: online
DEI in the Workplace! is a highly interactive, fully online professional development course that explores the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The curriculum is designed to help participants develop the awareness, knowledge, and skills for building a more inclusive working and learning environment in Extension

 The course is designed to keep everyone moving along together as a group AND to give each person the flexibility to do the work when it is most convenient for you.  So, you are given a few days to complete each part of the Module's activities.  Please respect the deadlines so that we can achieve our full potential as an online learning community.

Below you will find a list of due dates for our weekly assignments.  This should help you keep on track. All assignments are worth 1 point, which you earn for completion.  In other words, you are not being graded, the points are only a way of  tracking completion of assigned tasks to help make sure that everyone is mindful of making their contributions to the group.  

If any of this seems confusing or overwhelming, please don't worry. It will make sense as we move forward.