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Essentials of Online Course Management 4.0

  • Format: online
THIS COURSE IS OFFERED ON THE UM SYSTEM ONE CANVAS LMS. TO ENROLL, PLEASE CONTACT US - [email protected] Developing and teaching an online course is very different from course management. In this self-paced course we've answered many of your questions such as: What are my student enrollment options? Can I copy my course? How do I add a certificate of completion? This course is designed to be an ongoing resource for instructors and course developers.

Course Introduction

We'll present options and examples to help you think through how your noncredit course will function on the UM System One Canvas platform and integrate with our other technologies. We'll even discuss a few critical differences between academic and noncredit courses.

Next, we'll walk you through various student enrollment, access and participation options. At the other end of your course, you need to understand your course completion options and responsibilities, and how to offer and use course completion certificates.

Lastly, we'll look at your course renewal options, copying an existing course or adding a new course enrollment section.

We have used Modules to organize course content by topic, included graphics and videos where appropriate, and provided many authentic examples. This course has been designed to serve as an invaluable, ongoing resource.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Correctly classify course examples by type, format, and enrollment option.
  • Create a life cycle timeline for your course.
  • Identify key communication points for course management.
  • Locate key resources. 
  • Describe the purpose and value of course templates.
  • Identify the four course review phases.
  • Describe student and instructor impacts for different course conclusion option
Length:  3-4 hours


University of Missouri Extension
Learning and Teaching Services

Credit: Certificate

Audience:  All online noncredit course instructors and Canvas subaccount administrators.