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MU Extension COVID-19 Resources for Faculty and Staff

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Explore and share our COVID-19 public resources website.

Below are resources for MU Extension faculty and staff to help navigate cancellations, program changes, communication, work situations and public health concerns. Please check back here frequently for updates and new guidance for how we can continue to serve Missourians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    Human Resources

    Human Resources is committed to supporting employees and supervisors in all working arrangements. Teleworking and flexible work arrangements are not new, but because they may be unfamiliar additional resources are available for employees.

    Please complete the telework arrangement form (PDF). Include the inventory numbers of any university equipment you’ll be moving from your office. Send the form via email to your supervisor for discussion. Supervisors send with your approval via email to Tammra Aholt. Digital signatures are ok.

    Review the resources available for employees: Telework FAQ and supervisors: Working Through COVID-19. We are working on MU Extension-specific guides for using VPN and remote desktop. If you need a laptop or are concerned about internet access from home, please discuss with your supervisor. As you’re able, set your voice mail to be delivered to your email, or forward your phone to another number. Find instructions from the Division of IT. We are working on a solution for US mail.

    Many county offices are in locations that are part of county government offices, and employ staff who are not MU employees. The Regional Directors are working with the counties to make sure there is a plan in place for these offices and people. If remote working causes your county office to be closed, make sure your regional director knows so that we can navigate issues like student broadband access, mail, etc.

    Contact Callie Glascock with any questions.

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    Please continue to send questions, ideas and stories related to COVID-19 and #ShowMeResilience to the communications team. Please note the section on this page related to photo/video release forms for our new online environments. Remember if you are contacted by a member of the media, refer them to Megan Silvey.

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    For information related to events, please review the MU Extension Event FAQ (PDF) and please contact [email protected] with any questions.

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    Broadband Access

    If you live in an area where Mediacom is available, please contact them at 1-855-904-2225 or visit Mediacom. Mediacom currently offers a $9.95 per month internet connection for residences without internet. To see if you qualify for Mediacom, please check your address.

    If you live in an area where Charter/Spectrum is available, please contact them at 1-844-488-8395 or Charter Communications. Charter/Spectrum is currently offering free internet for 60 days for residences without internet. To see if you qualify for Charter/Spectrum, please visit Spectrum.

    If you live in an area where Comcast/Internet Essentials is available, please contact them or visit Internet Essentials. They are offering free internet for two months.

    Press releases and resources:

    See our Remote working and learning page for additional resources.

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    Remote Working/Learning/Teaching

    More information and resources will be available soon. In the meantime, check out our Remote working and learning page for the public or take advantage of the training opportunities for faculty and staff that are being offered by our Extension web services team. The Program Delivery and Zoom cards below list additional resources.

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    Photo/Video Release

    MU Extension policy, in accordance with Right of Privacy laws, requires employees to obtain consent to publish from individuals who are photographed. Please use this fillable, online photo release (PDF) during this time in place of paper/printed forms.

    Zoom recordings made and shared for educational purposes require no such release. If you take screen shots of interactions for any communication or marketing purposes, please be sure to have releases for the people involved.

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