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Our Standard to Develop Products and Services

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We reshape university-based research and information and bring it to our learners and clients in practical, how-to formats — meeting them where they live and how they like to learn. To ensure that our work is effective and relevant, we seek input from our peers and those we serve. We continually evaluate our efforts and adapt and improve based on feedback and changing needs.

As we create content and learning opportunities, we blend past practices with new models. Individual faculty members share their expertise in collaboration with specialists across relevant disciplines to address local needs. Teams, in turn, will learn how best to incorporate the efforts, expertise and perspectives of local community and university partners for maximum impact as we work to change lives.

These simple principles guide our work to create:

  • two people sitting across table from each other
  • Peers guide quality

  • Newton's cradle
  • No market, no impact

  • clock with arrows
  • Keep it current

Guiding Practices to Create

We are a trusted resource for unbiased university-based research and knowledge. We intentionally design learning experiences, targeting audience needs with innovative, research-informed products, curricula, tools and more. We leverage technology to reach new and diverse audiences. We practice continual improvement to ensure maximum impact. Here are a few resources to promote best practices and support your work.

The Evolution of MU Extension

The evolution of Extension