This award has been retired as of 2022. No future applications are being accepted. Please see a list of past award recipients below.


Recognizes University of Missouri and Lincoln University campus and regional faculty and professional staff members who have collaborated on an interdisciplinary or cross-campus team to develop, implement and evaluate a specific educational response to a specific need.

Award recipients

2021 Amy Bartels and MU Extension Farm Ranch Stress Assistance Team
2019 Missouri Grazing Schools
2018 Corinne Bromfield, Teng Teeh Lim, Raymond E. Massey, Craig A. Payne, Joseph M. Zulovich
2017 Pearls of Production: Women in Agriculture
2016 Metropolitan Food Systems
2015 Internal Partnerships/Child Care Provider Training in East Central Region
2014 Alliance for Grassland Renewal
2013 St. Louis Healthy Corner Store Project
2012 Reaching Amish and Mennonite Producers
2011 Taking Care of you: Body-Mind-Spirit
2010 Flood Recovery
2009 Improving Tall Fescue Production in NW MO with Lefumes & timing of Nitrogen Aplication
2008 Stay Strong, Stay Healthy
2007 Bill Bee Safe
2006 Southwest Region News Service Team
2005 Gateway Grandparents/Kinship Network