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Gordon Warren Land-Grant Award


The Gordon Warren University Extension Land-Grant award begain in 1991 with the first award given to Gordon Warren at the extension Annual Conference "to recognize someone who exemplifies the land-grant mission of the University of Missouri System and University Extension." Warren was a civic leader in Pulaski County (City of Richland), who served many years on the county extension council, was mayor, school board member, member of the Missouri Bankers Association, Missouri Health Coordinating Council and more — all roles in which he linked university resources with people's needs. Warren also was an avid supporter of Lincoln University.

After Warren, the award was to be given to "an individual who sees the universities as a community resource and who accesses knowledge and research to improve the lives of Missouri citizens." Further, the award is to recognize someone who facilitates the use of knowledge to affect public policy.


The vice chancellor for extension and enegagement presents a symbol of recognition.

Eligibility, criteria and selection

The award is giving at the discretion of the vice chancellor for extension and engagement.

Award location

Award will be presented at annual conference or its equivalent.

Award recipients

2019 Rep. Donna Lichtenegger 2008 Brady Deaton 1998 Mel Canahan
2018 Sen. Brian Munzlinger 2007 Diane Olson 1997 Mel George
2017 Don Lucietta 2005 Ed Turner 1996 James McHugh
2016 Jim Snider 2004 Dale Ludwig 1995 Peter Raven
2015 Sara Parker Pauley 2002 Jim Ollar 1994 Ike Skelton
2014 Bill Reiboldt 2001 B.W. Harrison 1993 Jim Dickerson
2013 David Pearce 2000 Elaine Osborn 1992 Joe Jenkins
2012 HC Russel 1999 Fred Hall 1991 Gordon Warren