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The Missouri Farm Bureau Federation Outstanding Specialist 4-H Award recognizes outstanding performance by a 4-H youth faculty member. Individuals must be nominated jointly by the county Farm Bureau board and the county extension council.


A representative of the Missouri Farm Bureau Federation presents a symbol of recognition to the recipient.


Regional extension 4-H youth development specialists who have demonstrated outstanding programming for youths and families during the past 18 months and are nominated by the county extension council and the county Farm Bureau board are eligible. You may only receive this award once.


Nominees are evaluated on:

  • Recognized competence in the field of 4-H youth development.
  • Knowledgeable of the county educational program needs.
  • Demonstrated leadership and ability to develop and deliver high-quality educational programs for youths and families.
  • Effectiveness in establishing relationships with the county extension council, county commission, local legislators, county Farm Bureau, agency personnel and community and civic groups.

Nominations and selection

County extension councils, extension faculty and staff members, manufacturers or other agencies may nominate an individual specialist.

Nominations for the 2020 awards will be accepted May 18 — August 10. Nominators will be directed through a simple form consisting of brief text fields, drop-down selection boxes, and a single description of why your nominee is deserving of the award. Note: Nominator name and contact information are not required fields; you may nominate anonymously or self-nominate.

Nominees are automatically requested to complete an electronic application form, and references will then be contacted for a simple statement of support as part of the final selection process. This is a simple, rolling, multi-step process and each nomination proceeds independently of all others.

If you have questions regarding this process, please contact Tippie Greene. For award-specific questions, please email [email protected].

Nominations are reviewed by the Fellowship and Awards Committee appointed by the vice chancellor for extension. The committee – composed of representatives of UMEA, Epsilon Sigma Phi, the University of Missouri campuses and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement – makes recommendations to the vice chancellor, who makes the final selection.

Award location

Award will be presented at annual conference or its equivalent.

Award recipients

2020: Robert McNary

2019: Karla Deaver

2018: Sarah Elizabeth Morefield

2017: Willa Louise Williams

2016: Annette E. Deering

2014: Rhonda M. Shafer

2013: Patricia Ann Fisher

2012: Velynda Jo Cameron

2011: Jeremy J. Elliott-Engel

2010: Nancy Elkins Mense

2009: Donald Jay Nicholson

2008: Mary Anne Patten

2005: Donna Marie Taake