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The Vice Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Achievement recognizes excellent performance by a University of Missouri or Lincoln University campus or regional faculty or a professional staff member in planning, conducting and evaluating a multiyear outreach program. This is an award for an individual.


Recipient receives a cash award in the amount of $1,000, less applicable taxes.


Applications must be submitted prior to the professional development experience. This is an award for an individual. All University of Missouri campus and regional faculty and professional staff members with at least five years' experience in University of Missouri Extension are eligible. Members of the immediate administrative staff of the vice chancellor for extension and engagement, regional directors, campus extension administrators and members of the Fellowship and Awards Committee are not eligible.


The award is given for outstanding performance in extension programming as indicated by:

  • Leadership.
  • High-quality program design, implementation and evaluation.
  • Responsiveness to high-priority needs of Missouri citizens.
  • Program impact.

Nomination submission

To learn more about deadlines, submission instructions and other important information, please visit the awards home page:

nomination process

Award recipients

2019 Jennifer Schutter 2010 Debra D. Davis
2015 Patrick L. Byers 2009 Kevin Wilson
2014 Georgia Marie Stuart Simmons 2008 Charles Merrell St Clair
2013 Susan L. Mills Gray 2006 Roger Lee Eakins
2012 Sharon Ann Gulick 2005 Leon A. Moon
2011 Renette E. Wardlow 2004 Michael Ted Gilliam