This award has been retired as of 2022. No future applications are being accepted. Please see a list of past award recipients below.


The Vice Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Achievement recognizes excellent performance by a University of Missouri or Lincoln University campus or regional faculty or a professional staff member in planning, conducting and evaluating a multiyear outreach program. This is an award for an individual.

Award recipients

2021: Robert Myers

2019: Steve Ball

2018: Timothy J. Safranski

2017: Susan L. Mills Gray

2016: Judith I. Stallmann

2015: Robert R. Broz

2014: David J. Patterson

2013: Marcia Carlson Shannon

2012: Beverly Ann Maltsberger

2010: Kevin W. Bradley

2009: Peter C. Scharf

2008: Joe L. Horner

2006: Johanna R. Adams

2005: Alison LaRue Copeland

2004: John A. Lory