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Overview of Council

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Council (EDIC) works to build a culture within University of Missouri Extension and Engagement that ensures that all who work, partner, volunteer with and participate in our programs exemplify the values embodied in MU’s Inclusive Excellence Framework. Council members are committed to growing and sustaining equitable, diverse and inclusive learning, living and working environments for all Missourians and the culture and practices that empower and serve. EDIC’s purpose is to foster a culture of inclusive excellence throughout all MU Extension programs and the communities we serve.

Council Member Requirements and Expectations

  • Members must be willing and able to:
    • Dedicate at least 7 hours per week to EDIC work.
    • Attend all bi-weekly virtual meetings (1.5 hours long, Mondays at 3 p.m. and Fridays at 10 a.m.) and any in-person meetings held (1-2 days long + travel time if applicable).
    • Participate on at least one subcommittee and attend all subcommittee meetings (subcommittees determine meeting frequency and duration).
    • Complete various duties as assigned outside of meeting times.
    • Participate in any group trainings and/or exercises (virtual and/or in-person).
    • Exhibit the four values of the University of Missouri: Respect, Responsibility, Discovery, and Excellence.
    • Cultivate and maintain a safe space within EDIC and other events that are organized and/or sponsored by EDIC, or at an event that the member is participating in as a representative of EDIC to the best of their abilities.
      • Creating a safe space includes exhibiting mutual respect and grace for each other, intentional listening, thoughtfulness, trying to understand, as well as acknowledge, other people’s perspectives and experiences.
      • Remember that EDI is a journey, and every person is at a different point on their EDI journey.
  • Members may be asked to present on certain topics during meetings and/or events.
  • Continue to educate themselves outside of EDIC on EDI topics they are unfamiliar with.


Complete and submit the electronic form below (NOTE: Form cannot be saved so it must be completed and submitted in one session) OR email this fillable application (PDF) to the Council at [email protected].