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University of Missouri Extension County Council Manual - Page 10

Section 9: County Council Committees

IMPACT Leaflet No. 6, Extension Council Committees

IMPACT Leaflet No. 3, Delegation

IMPACT Leaflet No. 4, Organizing Committees

IMPACT Leaflet No. 5, Working with Committees

IMPACT Leaflet No. 5a, Brainstorming

IMPACT Leaflet No. 5b, Nominal Group Techniques

IMPACT Leaflet No. 5c, Quick Discussion Techniques

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IMPACT Leaflet No. 5e, Committee Task Sheet

IMPACT Leaflet No. 5f, Committee Report Form

Council calendar

March 1New council takes office*
MarchMonthly requisition of county commission*
County quarterly report
UMca C204 Certificate of Membership
Schedule of meeting dates
Affirmative action report
UM-UE 103A, County budget summary
UM-UE 122, County general operating budget
UM-UE 123, County other budget
AprilMonthly requisition to county commission*
MayMonthly requisition to county commission*
JuneCounty quarterly report
Monthly requisition to county commission*
JulyMonthly requisition to county commission*
AugustMonthly requisition to county commission*
SeptemberCounty quarterly report
Monthly requisition to county commission*
OctoberNominate budget committee
Nominate election committee
Monthly requisition to county commission*
DecemberPublish legal notice for county election*
County quarterly report
Prepare annual financial summary*
Monthly requisition to county commission*
Prepare annual report*
Present proposed budget to county commission
JanuaryHold council election*
Monthly requisition to county commission*

Dates of regular meetings

_______________________ county University of Missouri Extension Council
Meetings for the year ending February 28 (29), 20_____.

MonthDateTimeType of Meeting

Date of Next Annual Meeting _________________

Chart of Precedence of Motions and Summary of Rules Governing Them

From Roberts Rules of Order, written in 1915.

 May interrupt a speakerRequires a secondDebatableVote requiredMotions that may apply
Privileged motions     
1. To fix time to which to adjournNoYesLimitedMajorityAmend,
2. To adjourn (unqualified)NoYesNoMajorityNone
3. To take recessNoYesLimitedMajorityAmend
4. To rise to a question of privilegeYesNoNoChairman rulesAll
5. To call for the others of the dayYesNoNoNoneNone
Subsidiary motions     
6. To lay on the tableNoYesNoMajorityNone
7. To call for the previous questionNoYesNo2/3Reconsider
8. To limit: or extend limits, of debateNoYesLimited2/3Amend, reconsider
9. To postpone definitelyNoYesLimitedMajorityAmend,
previous question
10. To refer to a committeeNoYesLimitedMajorityAmend,
previous question
11. To amendNoYesYesMajorityAmend,
previous question
12. To postpone indefinitelyNoYesYesMajorityLimited debate,
previous question,
Main motions     
13. a. General main motionsNoYesYesMajorityAll
B. Specific main motions     
To take from the tableNoYesNoMajorityNone
To reconsiderYesYesYesMajorityLimited debate,
previous question,
To reconsider and have entered on minutesYesYesNoNone until called forPostpone definitely
To rescindNoYesYes2/3All
To expungeNoYesYes2/3All
To adopt a resolutionNoYesYesMajorityAll
To adjourn (qualified)NoYesLimitedMajorityAll
To create orders of the dayNoYesYesGen., Maj., Spec.All
(special)   2/3 
To amend (constitution, etc.)NoYesYes2/3All
Incidental motions     
To suspend rulesNoYesNo2/3None
To withdraw a motionNoNoNoMajorityReconsider
To read papersNoYesNoMajorityReconsider
To object to considerationYesNoNo2/3Reconsider
To rise to a point of orderYesNoNoChairman rules or MajorityNone
To rise to parliamentary inquiryYesNoNoNoneNone
To appeal from the decision of the chairYesYesLimitedMajorityAll except amend
To call for a division of a questionNoYesNoMajorityAmend

Parliamentary Procedure

Based on Roberts Rules of Order
*Not amendable

To do thisYou say thisMay you interrupt the speaker?Must you be seconded?Is the motion debatable?What vote is required?
*Adjourn the meeting"I move the meeting to be adjourned"NoYesNoMajority
*Recess the meeting"move the meeting be recessed until..."NoYesNoMajority
*Complain about noise, room temperature, etc."Point of privilege"YesNoNoNo Vote
*Suspend further consideration of something"I move to table the motion"NoYesNoMajority
End debate"I move the previous question"NoYesNo2/3 vote
Postpone consideration of something"I move this matter to be referred to a committee"NoYesYesMajority
Have something studied further"I move this matter to be referred to a committee"NoYesYesMajority
Amend a motion"I move that this motion be amend by"NoYesYesMajority
Introduce business (a primary motion)"I move that..."NoYesYesMajority
*Object to a procedure or to a personal affront"Point of order"YesNoNoNo vote, chair decides
*Request information"Point of information"YesNoNoNo vote
*Ask for a vote by actual county to verify a voice vote"I call for a division of the house"NoNoNoNo vote
*Object to considering some undiplomatic matter"I object to consideration of this question"YesNoNo2/3 vote
*Take up a matter previously tabled"I move to take from the table"NoYesNoMajority
Reconsider something already disposed of"I move to reconsider the action relative to..."YesYesYesMajority
Consider something out of its scheduled order"I move to suspend the rules and consider..."NoYesNo2/3 vote
Vote on a ruling by the chair"I appeal the chair's decision"YesYesYesMajority
*source unknown