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University of Missouri Extension County Council Manual - Page 11

Section 10: Regional Council Committees

Each of the eight University of Missouri Extension administrative regions in Missouri function with advice and recommendations from a regional council committee. This committee is composed of a representative from each county extension council in the region. Each county council decides upon its representative to the committee. The representative is to be the chair or a representative elected by the county council from the official council membership. In some regions, a representative and an alternate are selected from each county. In matters requiring a vote, each county council has one vote.

The committee meets periodically with the regional director to:

  • Provide a forum for the county councils, through their representative, to communicate among themselves on the state of the region and focus on University affairs relevant to University of Missouri Extension; and
  • Discuss and make recommendations to University of Missouri Extension on topics and issues that are regional in scope.

Regional council committee meeting agendas include such items as prioritizing regional program emphases, developing cooperative arrangements between counties, regional travel policy and procedures and council training. All proposed changes to the core staffing and funding plan are discussed by the committee and their recommendations presented to the vice provost and director of cooperative extension for consideration and approval.

Regional Extension Council's must comply with the operating guidelines for regional extension councils.