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University of Missouri Extension County Council Manual - Page 2

1. Mission and Core Values of University of Missouri Extension

The primary purpose of University of Missouri Extension is to serve Missouri by extending the research-based knowledge and problem-solving resources of the University of Missouri System to people throughout the state.

University of Missouri Extension is supported by a unique partnership of federal, state and local governments. University of Missouri Extension provides access to the University's information and educational resources most needed by the people of Missouri. County extension councils, as established by state statute, and field-based faculty are partners in the development, implementation and evaluation of educational programs. The Extension Service of the United States Department of Agriculture is also a formal partner in the cooperative extension program.

University of Missouri Extension cooperates with Lincoln University to deliver a single, coordinated cooperative extension program. Extension clientele are youth and adults from all socioeconomic, racial and ethnic groups represented in the state.

Source: Board of Curators
March 20, 1992

University of Missouri Extension Core Values

  1. Extension is close to the people.
  2. Extension is an integral part of the land-grant system and provides unbiased, research-based knowledge and access to the total knowledge base of the University of Missouri and Lincoln University.
  3. Extension's product is the application of knowledge to solve problems.
  4. Extension's function is to help people learn how to solve their own problems.
  5. Extension's most important resources are people -- highly motivated professionals and volunteers.
  6. Excellence, integration of disciplines, creativity and responsiveness are central to extension's role.
  7. Flexibility and adaptability are important organizational qualities for extension.

Source: Blueprint for Change
March 1986