The mission of University of Missouri Extension is to improve Missourians' lives by addressing their highest priorities through the application of research-based knowledge and resources. As an integral part of the land-grant mission, University of Missouri Extension is a joint venture of University of Missouri campuses; Lincoln University Cooperative Extension; the people of Missouri through county extension councils: National Institute for Food and Agriculture of the U.S. Department of Agriculture; and other stakeholders and partners.

As a county extension council member, you play a vital role in meeting these educational needs. County extension councils are statutorily created to work with the University in carrying out the local extension program (Sections 262:550 to 262:620, Revised Statutes of Missouri).

County Council Roles and Responsibilities

The county extension councils were established by state statue and have a unique set of roles and responsibilities in assisting in the delivery of Extension Programs throughout the State of Missouri.

Online course

As an elected or appointed council leader and dedicated advocate for MU Extension in our state, we want to arm you with the most accurate and timely information possible. We have designed this course so you have the educational information, guidelines, by-laws and tools you need to carry out your duties and serve the constituents you represent as a council leader.

Select the course link below based on your region:

In person/virtual training

These modules will assist new council members in understanding...

  • their role as a county extension council member.
  • the county extension council's relationship with the university.