In all 114 Missouri counties, an MU county extension council, of elected and appointed citizens, guides local educational programming. County council members are partners in the entire educational process, from needs assessment through program implementation and evaluation of outcomes.

Council members:

  • Work with regional specialists to provide the county educational program,
  • Manage finances of local extension operations,
  • Provide personnel to carry out extension activities, and
  • Elect and organize the local extension council.

County Council best practices guide and operation resources

County best practices guide

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IMPACT leaflets

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County staff documents

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The IMPACT leaflets were written by experienced MU Extension specialists as supplements to the council manual. Some are provided as Word documents to customize for your county.

Legal issues and documents

Relevant Missouri statutes about councils, Sunshine Law and and legal determination regarding elections

County council legal resources

Key council legal materials

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Council district option

Effective Aug. 28, 2013, county extension councils in Missouri have the option to form single-council or consolidated districts. This change to Missouri’s county extension laws, the first since 1961, was made to enable county extension councils to operate more efficiently and support extension operations and programs in their counties that directly affect the lives of Missouri residents. The district option law allows an extension district to seek funding through a property tax levy.

Council district option resources

Key documents

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Elections and voting

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Campaign finance, ethics and transparency

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Fundraising and campaigns

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Annual County Council meeting dates

County Council Annual Meeting Date Submissions Form

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County annual report guidelines

The Missouri state statutes require every county extension council to produce an annual report:

"At the close of each calendar year the council, through its secretary, shall make an annual detailed report to the county court, covering all receipts and expenditures, together with a summary of work undertaken and results accomplished. The report shall be filed with the county court not later than February first, following the close of the year or portion of year covered by the report."

Annual reports should demonstrate how local residents have benefited from extension educational programs. Reports may include client testimonials, evaluation results, newspaper clippings and statistical data supporting the objectives of the local extension program, accomplishments and outcomes.

Public value statements in annual reports

The Public Value self-directed work group (SDWG) invites Extension field faculty and staff to use the attached timed PowerPoint to refresh memories on why we do annual reports, how they can be an important tool for communicating with stakeholders, what to emphasize in annual reports, formatting tips and how to incorporate public value language that can give University Extension a competitive edge.

Annual report resources

Annual report resources

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Membership records

State statutes (Section 262.603) (PDF) require county extension councils to provide the names of council members and officers to the University of Missouri and to the county commission

Membership reporting

MU Extension provides an online membership record-keeping system for all county councils. This system also helps councils manage their annual election by keeping records of the candidates, creating paper and online ballots, recording the election results and keeping long-term records of election data and membership.

Generally, the county office secretary and the CES have access to the council information system. Other record-keepers can be added upon request of the CES.

Extension Council Web App login

Use your um-ad\youruserid and your e-mail password. Step-by-step instructions for each module are linked on the main page of the system.

Publishing permission form

In accordance with university policy, council members must grant permission for their telephone number and email address to be published on county extension pages. The “County Council Permission Form” is located in the reports module of the MU Extension Council Web App.

Need help? Contact Extension Technology and Computer Services [email protected].

Membership resources

Membership cards

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Council secretary record book forms

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