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Partnerships: Collaborations and Initiatives

Partnerships Accomplish More

Strategic partnerships are about identifying, facilitating and nurturing new and existing relationships, forging strong partnerships and deepening ties for MU and MU. Sometimes those partnerships take the shape of collaborating on the Grand Challenges. Other times we want to forge collaborations (both internally and externally) to ensure we are looking at the issue from all sides, and bringing the best minds and solutions to the table to get the best results.

These often take the shape of initiatives that have statewide impact and bring together those from various disciplines and fields to make a real, sustainable difference.

In the coming months we hope to shine a spotlight here on an ever-growing list of some of the key partnerships we are involved with, both internal and external.

For ways to start such efforts in your areas as CESs, if you want to know see organizations, agencies and associations that currently have initiatives in other parts of the state with us, or if you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities with us, please contact Tracy Feller.

Internal Partnerships

External Partnerships