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Extension Professional Development


Accountability for Remote Workers - Zoom session - June 9, 1:00 - 2:00pm


Practical Tips for Remaining Proactive - Zoom session - June 23, 1:00pm

Ongoing professional development is essential to maintaining a high-performing and engaged workforce. Professional opportunities listed below provide a framework for supporting the career growth of MU Extension employees that aligns with MU Extension strategic direction.

See below for information regarding various professional development opportunities within MU Extension. Events are both in-person and via live streamed video.


Managing Employees Remotely
In response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) many organizations are asking employees to work from home. This can pose particular challenges for supervisors and managers as they figure out how best to stay in touch with employees while maintaining performance and productivity.

Mentally Preparing to Transition Back to the Office
What happens when you finally transition back to the workplace? This one-hour webinar offers you tips and strategies to prepare yourself to go back to work when the pandemic subsides. Learn what you can do to mentally prepare for this transition and develop a plan for returning to work with a renewed commitment to your profession.

Moving Forward While Standing Still
Now that you are working from home, do you find it difficult to stay focused and productive? This free one-hour webinar offers you insight on how to stay motivated while feeling like you are standing still. Reflect on your own motivation to reach your professional goals and examine self-discipline strategies that help you remain resilient and productive.

Professional Development Funds

Extension faculty can apply for up to $1500 per year to help cover the cost of attending professional development activities, conferences, etc. All funding must go through the application process and be approved by the PD Committee.

Missouri Extension Leadership Development (MELD)

Cohort of MU Extension professionals learning together. The cohort meets four times per year at different locations around the state.

National Extension Leadership Development (NELD)

Cohort of Extension professionals from land-grant institutions in the North Central region of the Unites States. The cohort meets four times per year in locations around the U.S. International travel to Costa Rica is included.

Development Opportunities