Permission requests to print, adapt or post MU Extension publications, webpages or graphics will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and a processing fee may apply. Please understand that such requests often need to be approved by various faculty and administrators and therefore may take considerable time to process.

Note that such permission will not be granted for certain images and publications, including MU Extension publication M121, The Missouri Criminal Code: A Handbook for Law Enforcement Officers.

Publication webpages and free PDFs

One to 100 copies

The University of Missouri gives permission for individuals, educators and nonprofit organizations to print up to 100 copies of webpages and free PDFs of MU Extension publications.

For-profit entities that want to print more than one copy must complete the online request form and wait for a reply.

More than 100 copies

Anyone wanting to print more than 100 copies of a publication webpage or free PDF must request permission. Complete the online request form, and wait for a reply granting you express permission to make such copies.


If you want to print or otherwise use a graphic from any MU Extension publication, complete the online request form, and wait for a reply. Note that not all graphics used in MU Extension publications are licensed for the use of others. 


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Copyright 1993 to University of Missouri. Published by MU Extension, all rights reserved.

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