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Request a Quote

When you need to order promotional items in large quantities or ones not available in the Logo items store, or you need to print a large quantity or nonstandard print job (a job you cannot do via Upload and Print), start by requesting a quote from Office Depot.

Start the quote process early. The quote preparation and the production and shipping can take several weeks total, so request your quote as early as possible. Most items will be in hand two weeks after the quote has been approved and the order placed. The Office Depot client services representative will give you an estimated delivery date as part of the quote.

You must complete the quote request form in one session, so before you begin, make sure you have all the needed information at hand.

Information Needed

For All Jobs

  • Contact name, email address and phone number
  • Job name
  • Shipping address
  • MoCode
  • In-hands due date
  • Target budget
  • Quantity
  • Digital file — draft or final, if available at time of request; otherwise, provide a description

Additional Information Needed Based on Job Type

For a Promo Item

  • Type of item: product or apparel
  • Item number — See the catalog of promo items. Note that Office Depot may not be able to provide the exact item but will match your selection as closely as possible.
  • Ink colors

For a Print Job

  • Paper type — See a description of the available papers.
  • Ink colors
  • Number of originals
  • Bleeds —  Select “yes” if the color is supposed to extend to the edge of the page and the original is set up to account for the bleed.
  • One- or two-sided printing
  • Collation
  • Binding
  • Cover options — Only needed if the item has a cover and its paper, ink or bleed differ from the text pages.
  • Trim or finished size — Indicate the size of the finished piece after it has been trimmed and folded according to your specifications.
  • Pack option and quantity

For a Direct-Mail Job

  • All of the information needed for a print job
  • Type of postage: first class or nonprofit
  • Mailing list, or at least the number of addresses