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Resource Development


Finding Funding Training - Zoom session - July 16, 9:00am

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The University of Missouri (MU) Extension’s strategic budget process requires an innovative and entrepreneurial approach beyond traditional entitlement and allocation models. We must be innovative and entrepreneurial as we diversify and grow MU Extension resources through:

  • Grants
  • Contracts
  • Fees
  • Partnerships
  • Philanthropy

Securing additional resources can help MU Extension offer programming and projects that would not be possible otherwise, and will help us better meet our mission statewide.

Rethinking Resources

The MU Extension Fiscal Pre-Award Grants Team is there to help you process grants through the university.


The Resource Strategist is there to assist you as you plan for grants, contracts, fees, and partnership agreements. The MU Extension Office of Advancement is there to assist you as you seek to secure philanthropy. Together, these offices will help:

  • grow resource development capacity
  • guide individual local faculty/staff and county council efforts
  • help identify and coordinate collaborative opportunities across Extension
  • support your success

What Can a Resource Strategist Do For You?


  • Understand different resource options (i.e., grant, fee-for-service contract, partnership agreements) and how they might be used to grow your activities
  • Develop a timeline of how to grow funding over time
  • Explore ways to position your project to be competitive for external funding

Capacity Building

  • Provide one-on-one consultations on project planning and resource options
  • Provide training (face-to-face and online) on grant and contract topics of interest
  • Develop a library of useful resources for grant seeking (e.g., boilerplate, templates)

Find Funding

  • Alert you to funding opportunities that might fit your work
  • Help you use Pivot and other search engines to find funding opportunities and set up regular alerts


  • Connect you to other teams where there is an opportunity to seek funds together
  • Identify potential collaborators within the university so you can develop “interest groups” that make long-term plans for funding
  • Help convene and lead collaboration meetings so they are productive

Grant success

  • Read guidelines and do background review to advise on project fit, strategies to be competitive, etc.
  • Review parts of proposal (e.g. narrative, budget & budget narrative, logic model) and suggest improvements to align with best practices in grant seeking