For Elected Officials

Facts, research, data and resources that enable elected officials and their staffs to make informed decisions on matters affecting their constituents in the districts they serve

For more than 100 years, MU Extension has been an innovator in providing relevant, reliable and responsive resources that impact lives. As a land-grant university, our mission is to disseminate the research and knowledge from campus to benefit all citizens in every corner of Missouri. Thanks to the federal establishment of land-grant universities, millions of people who have never set foot on a college campus can improve their lives, help drive their local economies, help prepare local youth for leadership and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)-related jobs and aid communities to become more resilient.

We know it is invaluable for elected officials to have accurate, unbiased and research-based information in order to make informed decisions to best represent their constituents. We have paired information about counties, regions and communities with tools to allow officials to view local economic and community data and grasp the challenges, hurdles and successes that their constituents are experiencing.

Get to Know MU Extension

MU Extension can help with finding the latest data, as well as deciphering what it means, to equip officials and staff with evidence-based information. Below are resources to help.

Tools and Resources

The resources below are designed for aiding elected officials, from county government to state and federal government and staff, to best carry out duties and serve constituents using evidence-based information.

  • All Things Missouri
    mapping, reports and insights into issues facing Missourians
  • Engagement Portal
    searchable inventory of MU programs, activities and educational opportunities that that can be filtered by county, school district or legislative districts
  • CARES: Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems
    collaboration with support from foundations, non-profit organizations, government agencies and partnering university researchers to develop a portfolio for data collection and management, web-based content delivery and spatial analysis
    offering analysis of social and economic data that contribute to enhancing decision-making