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MU Extension, the School of Medicine and the School of Health Professions hosted a webinar to prepare leaders in all 114 counties to speak with community members about the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine. We also address other precautions and best practices for communicating about health-related topics with the public.

MU Extension Nurse Specialist explains the science behind the COVID-19 vaccine and what you can do to help your community in this unprecedented time. Be sure to watch our Feb. 4 livestream recording to know how to take this information to your community. Feel free to use these slides in upcoming presentations: COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Feb. 4, 2021!

Help our team understand what questions or concerns you may have about COVID-19. Please take this quick survey before and after our livestream so we can best provide you with the information you and your community needs. Answers will remain anonymous and will be used for training session purposes only.

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During the pandemic, it is more important than ever to get the flu shot. MU Agriculture and Environment Extension partnered with Community Health and Engagement Outreach and the School of Medicine's Office of Rural Health to deliver this message to Missourians across the state. Our ongoing collaboration provided the health-focused materials found below and the resources still to come. Please use this site to help spread our message, not the flu.


Hear from MU Health Care Employees about why they got the COVID-19 vaccine

MU Extension Health 101: Why do Missourians Need to be Invested in their Health this Flu Season?

A Healthy Missouri, Conversation with Rob Kallenbach, Lynelle Phillips and Kathleen Quinn