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Our Standard to Empower Success

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Empowering Leadership and Success

The work done by extension specialists requires support from university and extension and engagement peers, staff and leadership. Through human resources, finance, communications and constituent relations, we collaborate and support each other to help solve Missouri's grand challenges. We provide systems, structures and resources that ensure accountability, timely training and effective coaching. This gives specialists flexibility and responsibility in designing plans of work that are most relevant to local learners and their needs.

These simple principles guide our work to support:

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  • Value people

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  • Empower and accelerate success

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  • Ethically steward resources

Guiding Practices to Support

MU Extension professionalism presumes highly competent, respectful and accountable faculty and staff working towards a common goal — empowering Missourians to improve economic, health and educational opportunities. Extension leadership and administration will provide the comprehensive training and support to equip professionals to succeed. In turn, faculty and staff are accountable for continuous improvement through available coaching, training and professional development resources.

The Evolution of MU Extension

The evolution of Extension