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We manage MU Extension budgets, MU Extension revenue streams, county council and office fiscal policies, and administrative accounting.

We can assist you with travel expenses, donations and fee generation.

Quarterly Fiscal Meetings

For those employees that have a significant fiscal portion to their position, Extension Fiscal has meetings quarterly to share updated information and to aid in discussion of issues. If you would like to be added to the meeting invites or receive fiscal notices from Extension Fiscal, please contact Callie Glascock. Meeting minute links are only active for University of Missouri employees. If you need outside access, please contact our office.

Fiscal Meeting Content

Extension Fiscal

Minutes from previous campus meetings.

Extension Fiscal

County Fiscal

Minutes from previous county meetings

Coming soon

Extension Travel

  • Got a question on the University Travel & Expense system? We have a webpage for that! Make sure to check out the tip sections on that page for additional helpful info.
  • Got a big expense for travel? Check with your fiscal contact because we may be able to pay for that directly!