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County Fiscal Management

We manage MU Extension budgets, MU Extension revenue streams, county council and office fiscal policies, and administrative accounting.

We can assist you with travel expenses, donations and fee generation.

Allocations of Youth Positions

The purpose of the funding model is to move the routine decision making about how to utilize the scarce resources available for youth educator, youth associate and youth assistant positions from the university level of MU Extension to the regional level.  Knowledge of what resources are available and the authority to make decisions on the wise use of resources will:

  • ¬†Take the uncertainty out of filling a vacant youth position
  • Use the state resources to leverage local or other resources to increase the support for these positions
  • Address regional priorities in these positions
  • Inspire partnerships among counties to capitalize on shared interests and needs in this area

General information concerning the model:
Regional Youth Position Allocation (DOC)