Any Extension Continuing Education unit may purchase a credit card terminal for use in accepting credit cards.  Information on the costs of the unit are shown below.  Before a unit may accept credit cards, however, all unit staff who will be processing credit card transactions must complete an initial security training and sign a Cardholder Data Processing Agreement & Annual Training Form.

In addition to the standard FD130 machine, for which the costs are shown below, there is also an option to purchase a cellular machine for a higher cost.

For questions or to sign up, contact the Extension Fiscal team at 573-882-7146 or email [email protected].

Costs for Zon Machines

Set Up Fees

$25.00 (one-time fee for new merchants)

Monthly Fees

$17 – covered by MU Extension

Transaction fees:

Keyed fee rate applied to transaction amount

 Rates are variable, but typically fall within the approximate range of 2.50-3.00%

Non- Qualified card fee rate applied to transaction amount


*Swipe fee Rate applied to transaction amount.


Per transaction fee


Per transaction fee when Non-Qualified card is used


Monthly minimum transaction fees

$5 – covered by MU Extension

Cancellation fees


Other fees:

Equipment fees

$425 - FD130 (analog)

$750 - FD410 (wireless)

*These are one-time purchase costs

Phone line

Varies by location for analog lines

Cellular data fee for FD410 is $20.00/month