All university employees use the electronic travel reimbursement system (T&E) PeopleSoft module for most university-paid reimbursements. All non-travel and moving reimbursements are processed through the T&E system.

*Non-employees (such as county secretaries and volunteers) will continue to use the printable forms and be entered as a non-po supplemental voucher.

We have lots of tools to help! See the sections below, based on whether you are a traveler or entry delegate, approver or delegated approver, or fiscal viewer.

Travel or Entry Delegate


Tools and Helps

Helpful tips! For travelers or traveler delegates:

  • Top tip: Check your funding (MoCode/speedtype) before clicking the "Submit" button. This error is the #1 reason for ER processing delays!
  • Next important tip: If your mocode is getting stuck, blank out the mocode and hit the tab button on your keyboard. Then put the mocode back in and hit the tab button.
  • When entering Expense Type-Hotel, the hotel itemizing is no longer required by the system. But it can still be helpful for a multi-day trip.
  • The MoCode goes in the Speedtype box in the ER Accounting Defaults. "Speedtype=MoCode"
  • When submitting an ER, it is a two-step process. First clicking the "Summary and Submit" button at the bottom of the ER and the "Submit Expense Report" button on the next screen after checking the check box above it.
  • To see the status of your ER in the T&E system, go to Employee > Self-Service Travel and Expenses > Review Expense History. This works for either a traveler or delegate.
  • Various status meanings
    • Pending = Saved for Later (not submitted)
    • Submitted = Submitted for Approval/Payment
    • Withdrawn=Traveler or entry delegate have pulled the ER back from approver for editing. New to T&E since May 2015 upgrade.
    • Approval in Process = Submitted and at least one approval has been completed. More approvals still needed
    • Sent Back for Revision = Approver sent voucher back to you for editing or additional information. Entry delegate can make changes Approved for Payment = Approved and awaiting to be paid
    • Staged = Voucher is approved but since it was submitted 60 days late, it awaiting the next payroll date. Full reimbursement will be direct deposited on the same day as taxes are withheld from the payroll direct deposit.
    • Paid = Paid
  • The Effective Date column is not editable. The Expense Date column is where the date of travel is entered.
  • If you are trying to be reimbursed for a hotel deposit for a future trip, please date the expense line for the date of the expense, not the date of the anticipated hotel stay. The system will flag any lines that have future dates on them.
  • If you have been approved for a certain amount of university funding for a trip and your expenses go over, the way to adjust the ER is to add an Expense Type line > choose Exp Adj-Travel Allowance and make the amount a negative to bring to ER amount down to the approved amount. The system will then ask you to put a comment in about why you are reducing the ER amount. Enter the comment, click OK, and click Save for Later. The amounts at the bottom on the ER should adjust accordingly.
  • Once the payment email is received, the funds should be direct deposited in the bank account within 1 to 5 business days.

Approver or PI or approver/PI delegate


Tools and Helps

Helpful tips! For approvers or approver delegates:

  • When the email approval notification is received: Click on the link in the email, login and then click the email link again. You will go directly to the ER. (Or can login, go to Manager Self-Service > Travel and Expense Center > Approvals > Approve Transactions)
  • When approving an ER, it is a two-step process. First clicking the "Approve" button at the bottom of the ER and the "OK" button on the next screen.
  • If an employee contacts you wondering why you haven't approved their ER, have them first check their ER status in the T&E system. If it says "Submitted", then go into MIS Web Apps > Expense Report and look up their ER by the ER number (at least a day after they submitted). This will show the funding, which will help determine whose workflow list the ER is in.
  • To look up who is authorized to approve funding in T&E, go to  MIS Web Apps > Authorization and put in the MoCode or deptid. The column labeled "Fiscal Approver for Travel" will have a "Y" in the employee's row that the ER should be in their approval workflow.

Helpful tips! For fiscal viewers:

  • To view an ER in your unit's funding, go to MIS Web Apps > enter expense report number > choose "Expense Report" from the right drop-down box and hit the Submit button.
  • If you get an error message "You don't have security to view Expense Report," the ER may not be on your funding. If it is, it could be that an additional security access "View Sensitive Information" needs to be requested. Please contact Callie Glascock or your fiscal contact.
  • Viewing an ER in MIS Web Apps doesn't automatically tell you who the ER has been routed to if it has been Submitted. To find the T&E approvers, go to MIS Web Apps > leave first box blank > choose "Authorization" from the right drop-down box and hit the Submit button. At the next screen, enter the MoCode and/or complete other boxes and click Search button. Anyone with a "Y" in the Fiscal Approver for Travel column will have the ER in their approval workflow.
  • Various status meanings
    • Pending = Saved for Later (not submitted)
    • Submitted = Submitted for Approval/Payment