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This page is designed to provide a basic overview of the major benefits available to MU Extension faculty and staff. For specific information about any of the benefits available, visit the University of Missouri System Total Rewards Benefits page. For assistance, contact the MU Extension HR office at 573-882-2146 or by email at [email protected].

All employees

Statutory benefits applicable to all employees

Under federal and state law, certain forms of employment-related benefits, including Social Security, Medicare, unemployment compensation and workers' compensation, are provided to all employees.

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    Social Security and Medicare

    Social Security (old age, survivors and disability insurance) and Medicare are federal programs providing a variety of benefits. Social Security and Medicare are funded by a payroll tax on employers and covered employees. For most employees, the combined tax rate to fund Social Security and Medicare is 7.65 percent of taxable earnings (6.2 percent for Social Security and 1.45 percent for Medicare). The employer pays a comparable amount in payroll taxes. For more information, see

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    Unemployment compensation

    Under Missouri state law, unemployed workers who are out of work through no fault of their own, are unable to work because of a natural disaster, or quit work for good cause related to the work or the employer may be eligible for unemployment compensation. Detailed eligibility requirements and conditions do apply. Information on the Missouri Unemployment Compensation system can be found on the Missouri Division of Employment Security website. Unemployment compensation is funded by a payroll tax applicable to covered employers.

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    Workers' compensation

    Under Missouri state law, workers' compensation provides for the payment of medical expenses and compensation to any covered employee who is either injured in a work-related accident or incurs a compensable occupation disease. It also provides for death benefits should the injury or disease result in death. All employees, including students while in an employment status, and certain recognized volunteers are covered under workers' compensation. For specific information about workers' compensation, see HR 307 Workers' Compensation, UM System Risk Management and visit the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations website. You can also download the Workers' Compensation form UM WC1 (Report of Injury) (XLS).

Additional benefits available to non-benefit eligible employees

In addition to statutory benefits, non-benefit eligible employees of MU Extension might be eligible to participate in specific benefit programs, including medical insurance and voluntary retirement plans.

For a summary, see the Benefit summary flyer for faculty and staff (PDF).

Benefit-eligible employees

Detailed information about benefits available to benefit-eligible MU Extension faculty and staff is available through the UM System Total Rewards Benefits office. The content below provides basic information about the major categories of benefits, but specific questions should be pursued through the benefits office.

Retirement plans

The University of Missouri provides both core retirement plans for benefit eligible employees and voluntary retirement savings plans that are available to both benefit eligible and non-benefit eligible employees.

Insurance plans

Benefit-eligible employees may participate in a variety of insurance plans sponsored by the University, including health insurance, dental, insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance and long term disability insurance.

Other benefits and services available

In addition to retirement and insurance benefits, benefit-eligible employees have access to other services, including the Employee Assistance Program, Service Awards, Tuition/Educational Assistance and the Wellness Program.

For more, see Benefits plus (PDF).


Retired employees of MU Extension may continue participation in many of the insurance and other benefit programs available to active employees. However, participation may be limited or available on different terms than apply to active employees. For specific information on retiree benefits, see

Extension Retiree Recognition

Extension Retiree Recognition applies to all University paid staff and faculty with a home department in Extension (per MU HR Peoplesoft) and with an effective date of July 1, 2017 or after.  For information regarding the policy, see retiree recognition (DOCX).