Qualifications and criteria for appointment, reappointment or promotion to each of the three ranks of NTT Direct Extension Faculty are based on initial and subsequently increasing excellence and achievement in the Core Competencies and Core Duties of Extension Faculty, as demonstrated with a portfolio of extension work appropriate for the appointment, rank, specialization and other specified parameters of the particular position.

The application for promotion is in the form of a case packet prepared in accordance with the Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement's Annual Guidelines for Extension Faculty Evaluation and Promotion and the Provost's call for promotion applications. The case packet documents the accomplishments of the Extension Faculty member. The Annual Guidelines describe the required components of the case packet, suggestions for the types of documentation to include, and the technical parameters for submission.

Candidates should refer to the following documents and websites:

2023–2024 Extension NTT Promotion Guidelines - Updated April 2023 (PDF)

Extension Faculty Bylaws, Division of Extension (PDF)

Extension Core Competencies (PDF)

MU Office of the Provost Promotion & Tenure Forms & Documents

MU Office of the Provost NTT Call Letter

UM System Rules and Regulations: 310.035 Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Documents and Forms

Instructional Summary Table (DOC)

Teaching Evaluation Comments (DOC)

External Reviewer Nominations and Selections (to be filled out by supervisor) (XLS)

Case Packet Training

Non-Tenure Track case packet training is for candidates preparing case packets and for supervisors writing review letters for candidates. Individuals planning to submit a case packet for promotion in the fall are strongly encouraged to attend or watch the recording of the training. The training is presented via Zoom and recorded for those who cannot attend.

Faculty Standards and Policy Committee

The committee is comprised of a representative from each of the four program areas, continuing education and campus tenure track. The committee chair is selected by committee members and serves as chair for one year. Committee members are determined by election within their area for a three-year term.

  • Chair: Joni Harper, Associate Extension Professional, Agriculture & Environment (9/2020-8/2023)
  • Gene Schmitz, Extension Professional, Agriculture & Environment (9/2022-8/2025)
  • Stephen Ball, Professor, Concurrent Tenured (9/2022-8/2025)
  • Kandace Fisher-McClean, Associate Extension Professor, Concurrent NTT (9/2022-8/2024)
  • Melissa Scheer, Associate Extension Professional, 4-H Youth Development (9/2021-8/2024)
  • Lynda Zimmerman, Extension Professional, Nutrition, Health & Family (9/2022-8/2023)
  • Open position – Business and Community