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University of Missouri System has moved all academic employee evaluations to the myVITA system. With this process, we are aligning our faculty job descriptions, evaluations, and promotion criteria around the three pillars of work of Extension faculty: to educate, create, and connect.

  • myExtension — myVITA does NOT replace the myExtension system; myExtension is one data source for myVITA. You will not be asked to enter your program data twice. Data reported in myExtension will be uploaded in myVITA.
  • ePerformance — Evaluation tool for staff positions.
  • Review period — The review period in myVITA is based on the calendar year. Evaluation steps begin in January for the previous year with evaluation discussions completed in the spring. See information and resources below for details on steps and timeline.

myVITA Timeline

2023 Faculty Evaluations


  • Supervisors to schedule 1-on-1 meetings with faculty (to occur in March, or as soon as supervisor(s) complete evaluations).
  • For Field Specialist evaluations, both the RD and ED need to be present at meeting.

January 17

  • Supervisors gain access to faculty self-evaluations. If you have faculty who submit their self-evaluations before their January 31st deadline, you may start working on your supervisor evaluation.

January 31

  • Faculty self-evaluations due by 11:59 p.m.

February 1

  • All self-evaluations should be completed and ready for supervisors to review.

February 14

Supervisor #2

  • Supervisor comments due. Type your initials after comments. Hit SAVE.
  • Include comments in the Educate, Create, Connect and Overall Performance sections.

February 28

Supervisor #1

  • Supervisor comments due (SAVE comments, DO NOT hit Submit). Type your initials after comments.
  • Make sure to select ratings for the Educate, Create, Connect, and Overall Performance.
  • Fill out actual workload distribution percentages and expected workload distribution percentages. Numbers must total 100.
  • Make sure to type your name in the Electronic Signature field.
  • Do NOT click submit!
  • After saving evaluation, export it to a PDF, save the PDF, and then give document to faculty member so they can review it before 1-on-1 meeting.

March 31

  • Supervisor(s) meet 1-on-1 with faculty by March 31st.
  • After meeting, Supervisor 1 can make and save any needed changes to evaluation.
  • Supervisor 1 SUBMITS evaluation by March 31st, 11:59 p.m.

Additional Information from the University of Missouri Provost Office

Refer to Kim Shettlesworth with questions.

Additional forms and resources

Performance appraisal forms

Staff Evaluations

To encourage continuous growth, the university has implemented a review process that includes two Performance Check-Ins per year. For more information and instructions, see ePerformance Progress Check-Ins.

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