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MU Extension’s Learning and Teaching Services contributes to the success of MU Extension faculty through comprehensive faculty support for teaching and learning. Learning and Teaching Services strives to:

  • increase internal capacity for programming excellence through faculty enabled and empowered to create and deliver high quality programs,
  • support increased impacts through program innovation and continuous improvement,
  • advocate for excellence in teaching and curriculum design, and
  • explore, manage and provide support for technologies that facilitate and enhance teaching.

Learning and Teaching Services is committed to supporting faculty’s ability to offer highly engaging, rigorous learning opportunities by providing extension educators with support and resources for program design, development and improvement. We promote the adoption of industry-proven program development processes, quality standards, and cycles of improvement. Whether you are developing a short information presentation, a small-group workshop, or a statewide curriculum, we can provide you with tools, one-on-one support, and professional development opportunities.

We work in collaboration with MU Extension's Strategic Communication and Marketing and Missouri Training institute teams. In each section, we will link to additional resources and trainings developed by our collaborators. Together, we provide MU Extension faculty with the resources they need to succeed!

We support:

Program Development

ADDIE Program Development Model

MU Extension’s ADDIE model of program development.

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Learning Technologies

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Information, resources and best practices for our suite of educational technologies.

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The Science and Art of Teaching

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Learn new teaching strategies supported by scientific evidence, and hone the art of teaching.

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