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For course management questions, please go to the Cherwell Canvas Portal and select CONTACT US

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Canvas is MU Extension's learning management system (LMS). Canvas includes most of the standard tools found in open source and commercial learning management systems (assignments, discussions, announcements, quizzes, syllabus, etc.) as well as enhanced tools and features including integrated Zoom for synchronous webinars, panels, Q&A sessions, Panopto video platform, CIDI Design Tools, UDOIT content accessibility inspection tool, and VoiceThread, an online communication and collaboration tool. These tools are all part of Extension’s suite of technologies to support our mission.

Canvas provides a great resource center at Canvas Community. Access our Canvas FAQ for answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Explore our Canvas Expo videos

When "Canvas" is mentioned, most people associate it with some type of academic, semester-based education. But wait! See how your colleagues are leveraging Canvas. It's a veritable "Wild West" of different approaches to programs and conferences (use arrow sliders to see all videos).

Canvas Expo videos

Tamra Reall introduces the Master Pollinator Stewardship Program, discusses moving her face-to-face program into Canvas and teaching the course using Canvas for the first time.

Shirley Farrah, Director of Nursing Outreach, relates her need to quickly pivot seven conferences to a virtual format. Shirley had a lot of conference requirements and Canvas proved a very useful and flexible platform.

Rae Lyon demonstrates Missouri Training Institute's NELD program and an additional supervisor training course, hosted in Canvas.

Kathy Bowman, Nursing Outreach, discusses offering recorded webinars and live conferences in Canvas, different registration options and CE certificates.

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    New to online teaching? Services we provide:

    Learning and Teaching Services is committed to supporting faculty’s ability to offer highly engaging, rigorous learning opportunities online through professional development and resources. Services include project planning consultations, online course design consultations, media development support, course reviews and Canvas "how-to" tools and resources.

    UM System Teaching Tools site offers a variety of Canvas instructor resources and trainings.

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    How do I get started developing an online course?

    Whether you are building an online course for the first or the tenth time, creating from the ground up can seem overwhelming. Teaching online may also be daunting, not only for first time instructors, but also for experienced instructors who are trying to incorporate new learning technologies. Our trainings and resources will boost your skills and confidence.

    Contact us through the Cherwell Canvas Portal to request support, a new Canvas site, a professional development workshop, or a consultation.

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    Is there a Canvas starter course?

    Want to learn more about Canvas? Enroll in our Canvas Quick Start course. This self-paced Canvas orientation is designed to familiarize instructors with Canvas LMS essential functions and tools and serve you as an ongoing resource. This course will remain available to you after you have completed the modules and updated continually so you will be aware of any new developments and resources.

    Learn more about Canvas Quick Start.

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    Canvas Community support

    A variety of online support resources are available in Instructure's Canvas Community.

    More resources:

    • To get started using Canvas, see Getting Started as an Instructor.
    • Additional guides intended for students, instructors, instructional designers and system administrators, as well as guides for using Canvas mobile apps, are available at Canvas Guides.
    • For additional training on Canvas tools and features, check out the CanvasLIVE free webinar series schedule. Each CanvasLIVE webinar includes a brief tutorial, a demonstration and a short question and answer session.
    • Visit Q & A to search questions that have already been asked and post new questions for the Canvas community to answer.