UMEA Constitution & Bylaws

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UMEA is dedicated to promote fellowship and the general welfare of our members through opportunities for professional improvement and the recognition of achievement and leadership.

UMEA Mission

  • Encourage and create opportunities for professional improvement and maintain high standards for professional ethics and efficiency.
  • Encourage leadership and achievement.
  • Promote fellowship and develop espirit de corps.
  • Promote the general welfare of association members.

UMEA Officers


To pay UMEA dues, please print and complete the Membership Form.

The completed form may be scanned and emailed to UMEA Treasurer Katie Kammler, or mailed to Katie Kammler, UMEA - Treasurer, 1300 Progress Parkway, Suite B, Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670.

Please contact Katie Kammler with any questions regarding professional association dues.

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Leadership and committees

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2023 UMEA Professional Development Scholarship application

UMEA Professional Development awards assist association members in continuing their professional development in support of the University of Missouri Extension mission.


Fall deadline is August 14, 2023!