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Event Management

The MU Conference Office provides quality registration and event services to support MU Extension and Engagement programs. We will assist staff and faculty in completing the simple steps to promote events on the MU Extension website and manage participant registration.

For all MU Extension programming to be consolidated onto the [email protected] platform, campus and county-based events will be managed in Cvent.

The use of Cvent provides a number of benefits:

  • Simplifies registration statewide for Missourians and office staff.
  • Makes available a complete listing of all events offered by Extension and Engagement.
  • Provides a single database of all attendees of events (free and for fee).
  • Improves the quality of reporting data used for state and federal mandates.
  • Standardizes the demographic information collection.
  • Provides online payment options for Missourians and daily financial postings.
  • Enables targeted marketing for future events.

Cvent will be the system of record for all Extension and Engagement events and, in combination with entry into MyExtension, the method in which events are provided for posting to the MU Extension website or Extension Way. These events/in person trainings include:

  1. Promotional only - do not require registration
  2. Registration only
  3. Registration with event services provided by the MU Conference Office.

Service Levels with Rates

Please contact the MU Conference Office to discuss any questions you might have about the level of service your event requires.

Events that are in partnership with other entities, associations, state agencies or paid for by grant funds may need to consult the alternative fee schedule.

Full services and pricing handout

Pricing Levels - Extension

Level 1

  • Fees subsidize “for free” events
  • No fee for:
    • Free events
    • Events with fees only covering food and/or rental costs

Level 2

  • Covers registration plus services

Level 3

  • Covers full range of services

Level 4

  • All aspects of event management included

Service Levels - Extension

Level 1

  • Online registration
  • Single webpage
  • Access to attendee and revenue reports

Level 2

  • Nametags for attendees
  • Limited facility arrangements for events held in Missouri
  • Meeting room, lodging and food service

Level 3

  • Multipage website
  • Budget development
  • Contracts and fiscal management
  • On-site event staffing and oversight
  • Comprehensive logistical arrangements

Level 4

  • Speaker management
  • Abstract and poster management
  • Exhibitor and sponsor management