Here are answers to common questions about using Cvent. Please contact us if you have more of your own.

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    How do I get started?

    Events are entered in MyExtension and received by the MU Conference Office to finalize in Cvent. When ready for publication, MU Conference Office staff will inform you and provide access to registration reporting.

    Even events that do not require Cvent registration must be entered in MyExtension for website publication.  Refer to the Event Lifecycle and Submission Process (PDF).

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    Do events without registration get put in Cvent?

    MyExtension is the portal to get all new event information posted on the MU Extension website (program, interest area and county pages). By completing the “submit to Cvent” section in MyExtension, your event data is then routed to Cvent and the MU Conference Office, who will prepare it for publication. These include non-registration events (fairs, showcases etc.). You can also direct participants to register at other sites like a partner institution, just provide the URL in the description. See Event Lifecycle and Submission Process (PDF) that further demonstrates the actions for submitting either a promotional or a registration event.

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    How far in advance should I submit my event?

    An event can be open for promotion and/or registration as far in advance as you like. You are advised to submit your event to MyExtension as soon as possible. Dependent on the complexity and thoroughness of information submitted, events will be posted and open for registration in five business days.

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    What information do I need to provide?

    You will enter your event information via MyExtension. Event description text should include all information a registrant would need to attend an event, as this is the exact text that will be posted on the website. Be sure to include fees, registration deadlines and cancellation policies.

    Provide in the additional fields any other information needed for the Conference Office to set up the registration (ex. Discounts available, additional questions to be asked of registrants, Zoom login information to be provided in confirmation, capacity limitations).

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    Is a registrant required to provide an email address?

    Online registration requires an email address, as it is the individual identifier of each registrant. Upon completion, online registrants receive automated confirmation emails and receipts (if applicable).

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    Can I take registrations on-site or in my local office?

    Online registration is encouraged, however in-person and registrations via mail will still be accepted at the local office.

    Payments made locally should follow your current procedures for deposit in local accounts. You will be provided with an Offline Registration Roster to record local registrations and payments. You will return the finalized roster to the Conference Office at the end of your event so these can be entered into Cvent and make the participant report complete.

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    How will I know who registered online?

    Once your event is open for registration, Conference Office staff will provide access to online participant and financial reports (Event Report Access Instructions). You will have 24/7 access to these real-time reports, and they can be downloaded and saved in Excel. If you have accepted registrations locally using the Offline Registration Roster, you will need to monitor your registration numbers using both these reports.

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    How do I modify or cancel my event?

    Email [email protected] to confirm the status of your event.

    NOTE: Canceling or modifying the event in myExtension does not cancel/modify the event in Cvent.

    •   Cancel: Event will be removed from the website and online registrations refunded. If you registered a participant locally, refunds should be from the local office.
    •   Modify: Provide new details directly to the Conference Office and the event will be updated on the website. Date changes must be communicated before the previous event state date, otherwise the event may be canceled. Include refund options if there are current registrants who are unable to attend a rescheduled date.

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    How do I provide the Zoom login information to attendees?

    When entering your event in MyExtension please provide the login information for Zoom for this event in the Additional Registration Field. These details will be provide to the registered attendees in their emailed confirmation.

    Make sure you are providing invitation details rather than the Zoom registration link. Copy and paste in the link, meeting ID and passcode (see example)

    Join Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 123 4567 8900
    One tap mobile
    +13126266799,,95171075504# US (Chicago)

    These details will be provide to the registered attendees in their emailed confirmation.


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    Is there per registrant or event fee for using Cvent?

    No, there is no per registrant or event fee for using Cvent to the sponsoring unit/county. Online registration should be encouraged for ease of payment for the customer and reporting for the organizer.

    Applicable program share will be deducted at the time of online payment or at end of event. Please note there is a standard 3% credit card transaction fee that is deducted from all online transactions.

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    How is registration revenue disbursed? How will the program share be collected?

    Campus unit — Revenue from online registrations will be deposited into the provided MoCode (submitted in MyExtension), less the program share and 3% credit card transaction fee.

    County office — Revenue is processed by EFO one time per month, and settle-up is received in the following month. (Each county has a designated MoCode which auto populates in MyExtension.)

    Financial processing information can be found in the Using Cvent For Event Registration (PDF).

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    How do I calculate how much to charge for an event?

    The MU Conference Office has created a tool to help faculty and staff calculate revenue and fees. By using this Microsoft Excel based tool, credit card and program share are automatically deducted from fees generating revenue. The spreadsheet will also calculate the use of sponsor or grant dollars to offset costs.

    All resources associated to event management are on MU Extension Way. Email [email protected] if you have questions or need assistance.

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    How do I request refunds for my attendees if the event is canceled or they cannot attend?

    If you have determined that fees are to be refunded (fully or partially), please send this request to [email protected].

    Online registration fees will be refunded thru Cvent. Any fees paid at the local level will need to be refunded by your local office.