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CVENT Process Overview

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The MU Conference Office will assist faculty and staff in completing these simple steps to promote an event on the MU Extension website and manage participant registration. For a visual of this process, please see the MU Extension Event Lifecycle.

MyExtension Training

MyExtension - Adding Events
Learn how to add events on MU Extension webpages.

This recording was edited from a Web Services live training session, led by Michael Salmons. It is a step-by-step walk-through of the MyExtension events portal.

Events in MyExtension Powerpoint presentation

Submitting an event (all types)


  1. Program organizer enters event details via MyExtension (see video above).
    1. Details include event description, fees (if applicable), deadline, attendance capacity, discounts offered, etc.
    2. Upon submission, program organizer receives e-notification summarizing event details.
  2. MU Conference Office (MUCO) sets up event.
    1. Sends email introduction and event request confirmation to program organizer.
    2. Consults with organizer about additional planning services (if applicable).
    3. Reviews event information updates and provides registration preview.
    4. Develops online registration and additional event website pages (if applicable).
    5. Posts event on the MU Extension website and county page in five business days.
  3. Organizer receives public web address (URL) for promotion.

Registration events (only)


  1. Registration opens.
    1. Online registrations are processed in Cvent with credit card (3% transaction fee, system fee and campus program share deducted and balance deposited in county MoCode).
      1. County managing event may accept registrations at local office or event and records registrant details in Offline Registration Roster.
      2. Payments are deposited into local/unit accounts.
    2. Cancellations and refunds (if applicable) are processed by same method as original payment.
    3. Monthly financial settle-up is processed through Extension Fiscal Operations.
  2. Organizer has 24/7/365 access to up-to-date online registration rosters and fees paid.

Post event (registration events)


  1. MUCO provides online registrant roster to program organizer.
  2. Program organizer provides Offline Registration Roster (if applicable) to MUCO.
  3. MUCO uploads Offline Registration Roster into Cvent.
    1. Final roster of attendees and fees paid (if applicable) provided to program organizer.
    2. Cvent data serves as official participant record for MU Extension programs.
  4. Final processing of system fee and campus program share are charged to event MoCode.
  5. Transactions are reflected in monthly financial settle-up by Extension Fiscal Operations.

Cvent Detailed Process Overview (PDF)