Building Our Future Together

University of Missouri Extension leads university efforts to reimagine our land-grant institution for the 21st century. Through a statewide needs assessment and rigorous evaluation of existing university extension and engagement efforts, we have made a commitment that our individual and collective work over the next decade will deliver sustained impact to improve the lives of all Missourians. Specifically, by FY 2023, we are committed to these strategies:

○ Helping the Missouri economy by growing our economic impact from $1 billion to $1.5 billion

○ Increasing participation in high school graduates’ post-secondary education from 66% to 70%

○ Improving Missouri’s national health ranking from 40th to 35th

The MU Extension Way provides compass and map for Building Our Future Together as the engaged University for Missouri, the nation and the world.

The MU Extension Way Standards

MU Extension Way is a set of standards — Educate, Create, Connect and Support — that shapes our work and its value and impact. Together with related principles and practices, these standards guide how we bring the university’s knowledge and expertise to the people and communities of Missouri. A common framework of systems, structures and resources supports our faculty and staff as we strive to create an expectation and culture of trust, open communication and high-quality performance.

MU Extension Way commits us to being responsive, respectful and engaged partners as we work together to identify and seek solutions to Missouri’s health, education and economic development needs.